A coatings company


    OUI  owns the patents for ALLENiCONE, a new

family of Water Soluble and Self Bonding silicones invented in 2007, and patented and with INCI

names in 2010 - 2012.  OUI has created 216

different varieties of ALLENiCONE to meet a variety of application requirements.  These unique characteristics eliminate many of the limitations of silicones currently used  in medical, cosmetic, oil/gas, food & beverage, canning, military, anti-fouling, and 100’s more application areas.  Also, ALLENiCONE works well with color, has an excellent shelf life, is easy to formulate with, and offers new and exciting opportunities for industry leadership for an innovative partner interested in a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and/or medical applications.